When Buying Your Jewelry

We are diamond merchants based in the Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas area servicing dealers and jewelers worldwide with diamonds at wholesale prices. We have a large selection of all shapes of diamonds, round brilliant cuts, emerald, princess, radiant, oval, cushion, marquise, pear and unusual shapes. We can manufacture any shape of diamond you might desire. We also specialize in estate jewelry. For the best deals please feel free to call or e-mail us and we will be happy to fill your diamond jewelry and custom needs.

Diamond Buying Guide

Here are some steps you should take before buying a diamond:

  1. The 4C’s, along with guidance from a trusted dealer, will lead you to the right answers.
  2. Consider only certified diamonds by independent laboratories like GIA or EGL .
  3. Only buy loose diamonds. The 4 C’s cannot be determined in a setting .
  4. Never compromise on the cut Cut determines brilliance in a diamond.
  5. Fluorescence – High quality stones will have little to no fluorescence.
  6. Be aware of treated diamonds – Clarity or color enhanced or drilled diamonds.
  7. Avoid “Sales” and other gimmicks.
  8. Know the sellers upgrade policy .


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