Sell Diamonds for Cash Dallas

Are you looking to trade in your unused jewelry? Perhaps you have an old box of jewelry you are ready to clean out. We are on the market to purchase old gold jewelry and diamonds. Sell your gold for cash at Jewelry Buyers Dallas. We buy family heirlooms in exchange for cash.

How does the process work? We operate by appointment only. We advice you TEXT 469-662-8688 with a picture of the item you’re looking to sell. We will respond promptly, letting you know if your jewelry is something we are interested in purchasing.

Take a moment and look in your old jewelry box and see if there is a diamond you can sell for cash. We are interested in purchasing Large diamonds, 1 carat +. We are looking to purchase oval cut diamonds, round cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, and cushion cut diamonds. Call us today!

Platinum and silver prices are up today! It’s a great time to to cash in on your metal jewelry!


High prices on Gold, Platinum, and Silver – SELL YOURS NOW!

The price for your jewelry has gone up! Today is a great day to sell your gold, platinum, or silver jewelry for a higher price. We are on the market to buy your gold bars, silver bars, gold jewelry or platinum jewelry. Check out the current prices below. It’s a great time to trade in your unwanted jewelry or family heirlooms for hard cash!

TEXT 469-662-8688 – Send us a picture of your jewelry, and we will respond promptly.

sell your gold sell your platinum sell your silver

Are you looking to sell large loose diamond stone? We also buy loose diamonds, 1 carat and larger. If you are looking to sell a diamond that is 1 carat or larger, you’ve come to the right spot. We are interested in purchasing emerald cut diamonds, round cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, and oval cut diamonds.

We also offer a consignment program for your jewelry. Click the link to discover the types of fine jewelry we place on consignment.

Text us a picture of your diamond, and any certificates you may have at


We will promptly contact you as soon as we receive your message.