Everything You Need To Know When Selling Your Jewelry:

We understand selling your jewelry can be a overwhelming experience for many, that’s why we have configured this comprehensive guide to get you through.

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Appraisal Expectations

Jewelry Appraisal in Dallas

When people purchase a fine watch or piece of jewelry, they probably never expected that one day they would want, or need, to sell there jewelry or sell diamonds. As the item was purchased, a retail appraisal was most likely included with the purchase. Let us take a moment to explain appraisals.

First, a retail appraisal is typically used for insurance purposes in the event of loss or theft. The appraisal takes into account the mark up by the retail jeweler — So often times double or even triple of their actual cost — and the fact that many insurance companies are reluctant to pay the full appraised price.

This is why the appraisal is typically higher than the actual price paid for the item — not because the retail jeweler decided to give you a good deal!

Now that we know about appraisals, what does this mean in terms of your jewelry? Unfortunately, it means that you will not get the appraised price for your jewelry.

Because there are no uniform guidelines, laws, or rules for jewelry appraisers, the appraisal price varies significantly for the same item. The value does depend on when the item was purchased when it was appraised, and who did the appraisal.

In general, the true value of your jewelry is usually between 20%-50% of the appraised value. And if you go to a pawn shop, they will offer far less!

Know Your Jewelry

Jewelry Buyers Dallas

Having as much information as possible on your jewelry pieces will help smooth along your process of selling your items as well has help you get the best offer. Thing you should be able to answer is:

  • What kind of jewelry piece is it? A Pendant, Engagement Ring, Wedding Band, Etc…
  • What kind of metal is it made from? Is it 10K Gold, 14K Gold, 18K Gold, 22K Gold, 24K Gold, Silver, Platinum? Most jewelry pieces are stamped with a few numbers on the underside.
  • What brand are they? Usually braded rings have a stamp on the inside of them such as Tiffany & Co. Some luxury brands can increase the value of your items.
  • How much does your item weigh? This is important if your are just selling gold or platinum pieces. They will be valued on the weight in grams compared to the current market value of the day.

And if you cant answer any questions on what your item may be, you need not to worry because any experienced jeweler can determine the the correct value of your item within reason.

Research Locations to Sell

Things to Know About Selling Jewelry

Once you know more about the items you are looking to sell you now need to find a place to sell them. Jewelry Buyers Dallas is a trusted family operated jewelry that has been in business for over 35 years. We are know as the best place to sell your jewelry in Dallas, Texas and we are proud to hold a 5 star rating on Google.

Shop Around For The Best Offer

More often than not, people choose the first offer they are given and don’t shop around for the best deal. Jewelry Buyers Dallas encourages you to shop around and find the best price for your pieces.

Consider Jewelry Consignment

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If you are not in any hurry to sell your items and you have high ticket items then jewelry consignment might be the best option for you. Jewelry consignment is where your pieces are left in the hands of a company for some time while they try to find the perfect buyer for you. Usually the company takes a small percentage from the sale and the rest is yours once completed. Jewelry Buyers Dallas has sold 100’s of items on consignment for customers over the years. Take a look at our current items on consignment here.

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