Sell Jewelry for Holiday Cash

Sell your Jewelry and Make Cash for Holiday Gifts

We all could use a little extra cash for the Christmas holiday season! A great way to make some extra cash is by selling diamond jewelry you do not use often. Take a look in your jewelry box. Do you have diamond studs or a diamond necklace you never wear? Turn it into cash!

We are always on the market for diamonds that are 1.00 carat or larger. We also are interested in buying Fancy shaped diamonds such as Oval Cut, Pear Cut, or Radiant cut diamonds.

Before visiting our offices, we ask that you TEXT US a photo of what you are trying to sell.

You can TEXT 469-662-8688 with a picture and Description, and we will let you know if it is an item we are interested in purchasing! This will save you the time of having to travel to our office if for some reason your jewelry is not something we are interested in purchasing.

Do you have an engagement ring you want to swap for cash? Call Us at 972-726-9933 
or Text Us at 469-662-8688 with a photo!

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