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Jewelry Appraisals Dallas

When people purchase a fine watch or piece of jewelry, they probably never expected that one day they would want, or need, to sell there jewelry or sell diamonds. As the item was purchased, a retail appraisal was most likely included with the purchase. Let us take a moment to explain appraisals.

First, a retail appraisal is typically used for insurance purposes in the event of loss or theft. This appraised value takes into consideration that some jewelry (particularly diamonds of 1.00 carat or more) increases in price over time.

Next, the appraisal takes into account the mark up by the retail jeweler — So often times double or even triple of their actual cost — and the fact that many insurance companies are reluctant to pay the full appraised price.

Finally, this is why the appraisal is typically higher than the actual price paid for the item — not because the retail jeweler decided to give you a good deal!

What is My jewelry worth?

Now that we know about appraisals, what does this mean in terms of your jewelry? Unfortunately, it means that you will not get the appraised price for your jewelry.

Because there are no uniform guidelines, laws, or rules for jewelry appraisers, the appraisal price varies significantly for the same item. The value does depend on when the item was purchased when it was appraised, and who did the appraisal.

In general, the true value of your jewelry is usually between 20%-50% of the appraised value. And if you go to a pawn shop, they will offer far less!

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We Buy Gold for Cash Dallas, TXLooking to sell gold? Looking for the best place to sell jewelry?

JEWELRY BUYERS DALLAS is the most trustworthy direct cash buyers of fine diamonds and jewelry in Dallas, Texas. We purchase loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, diamond wedding bands, gold jewelry, platinum rings, diamond engagement rings, chipped or broken stones, rings, vintage jewelry, antique jewelry and estate jewelry. Jewelry Buyers Dallas has been in business since 1991. Learn from the experts about how to sell your jewelry.

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Looking to sell diamonds? We are leading industry experts in buying and selling diamonds and offer the best prices for diamonds in Dallas Tx. Overall, it is important to us that you received a fair price for your jewelry, because we know there are much sentiment and value attached to your items.

Thanks to our in-house team of experts, we are able to establish a full value of your diamond jewelry, passing on the increased value to you. So in conclusion, you can trust that Jewelry Buyers Dallas will appraise your diamonds fairly, allowing you to receive the best value for your jewelry.

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