3 Jewelry Selling Tips to Make Extra Cash for the Holidays!


With the holidays quickly approaching, many people are trying to find ways to bring in some extra cash to cover all the extra expenses. Jewelry Buyers Dallas want’s to help you enjoy the holiday season and be as stress free as possible!

Continue reading for 3 Jewelry Selling Tips to Make Extra Cash for the Holidays!

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1. Gather and Sort All Your Pieces

Gather all your Inherited Jewelry, Old Gold Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Coins, Watches, etc. and lay them out and evaluate your pieces. While sorting them be sure you are keeping your certificates and documents you may have on your pieces.  You can sort your jewelry by style, metal type, and importance. Having your jewelry sorted with correct documentation will ensure that your process runs smoothly.

2. Research Places To Sell

Pawn Shops, Online Market Places and Mall Kiosks can give you fast cash, but at a lower value than what your jewelry is worth. Jewelry Buyers Dallas is a reputable buyer with over 25 years in business. Our transparency and high quality services is what sets us apart from other Dallas jewelry buyers. The best way to sell your jewelry is through a reputable buyer, like Jewelry Buyers Dallas. Our jewelry buying experts are the best in Dallas, Tx and we walk you through the entire process, answering any questions you might have.

3. Fast Cash Isn’t Always the Best

More often than not, people choose the first offer they are given and don’t shop around for better prices. Jewelry Buyers Dallas encourages you to shop around and find the best price for your pieces. You may also feel pressured into accepting the first offer your receive if you go to a Mall Kiosk or a Pawn Shop. Here at Jewelry Buyers Dallas you are never pressured to sell your jewelry. 

Ready to add some holiday funds to your wallet? Jewelry Buyers Dallas is here to help you navigate selling your jewelry this holiday season by giving you all our jewelry selling tips. You can start by scheduling an appointment to come into our office by calling 972-726-993 or by texting us a few pictures of your items at 469-662-8288. Or you can send us a detailed email at info@jewelrybuyersdallas.com to inquire about your jewelry. Visit Us at 5757 Alpha Rd #605 Dallas, Tx 75240.

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Written by: Brooke Tucker, November 2022