Sell Your Estate Jewelry for Cash

Do you have family heirlooms sitting around your house? Have you inherited goods through an estate or family death? With Jewelry Buyers Dallas, we offer CASH for your diamond and gold goods. We make sure to check the daily Silver / Gold / Platinum prices of the day, and always guarantee fair prices. Our buying process is easy and transparent, always offering full confidentiality. Final offer price is also based on condition of the jewelry.

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To sell an item, TEXT a photo of your items to 469-662-8688

Sell Estate Jewelry

We purchase gold rings that are typically found in family jewelry collections. The most common rings we receive feature Large Sapphire Gemstones and large diamond center stones.

Sell Vintage Jewelry

We purchase vintage diamond jewelry. When we purchase vintage jewelry, we look for large diamond stones. If your diamonds are not 1ct or larger, we look for items that are re-sell-able.

Best Diamond Buyers to Sell Engagement Ring

The most popular item we purchase is diamond engagement rings. During your in-store appointment, it’s best to bring any certificates of authentication on your engagement ring or loose diamond. This helps us to give you an accurate price estimate.

Sell Silver Flatware Sets

We often see collections of silver flatware enter our offices. We purchase silverware sets based on the silver weight. There will always be a “925” stamp to indicate an item is made of sterling silver.

To sell an item, TEXT a photo of your items to 469-662-8688

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