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Jewelry Buyers Dallas buys and sells the best Wholesale Diamonds Dallas. We carry the best loose diamonds for sale in Dallas TX. Sell us your loose wholesale diamond for an immediate CASH payment! There are no hassles and all transactions are confidential. Choosing a trustworthy jewelry store like Jewelry Buyers Dallas means you’ll avoid the steep and unfair prices associated with retail diamonds. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of our business, and we stop at nothing to provide you with excellent service. Our transparency and honesty will give you confidence in selling your diamonds!

Wholesale diamonds are cut, graded, and certified just as a retail diamond would be. Our experience and expertise enables us to reduce the number of diamond markups, getting you closer to the diamond source.

Best Wholesale Diamond Jewelers – Dallas

Wholesale diamond jewelers must be certified by established jewelry organizations and obtain up-to-date business licenses in order to be considered legitimate. Jewelry wholesalers like Jewelry Buyers Dallas have all the qualifications to be recognized and respected as qualified wholesale diamond jewelers in Dallas. We are a A+ BBB Accredited Business and set great value on the trustworthy relationships we establish between clients.

At Jewelry Buyers Dallas we are committed to making sure you are left with a beautiful piece of jewelry that will leave you satisfied for years to come. If you have any questions about our wholesale loose diamonds, or would like to do business with us please Contact Us.

Can I purchase loose Wholesale Diamonds Dallas?

Yes!  Many of our customers are first time loose diamond shoppers. Not to worry, we are able to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect diamond for you.

Here are a few occasions in which one might purchase a loose wholesale diamond.

  • Custom Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Anniversary Diamond Band
  • Upgrading an old ring
  • Custom Wedding Band ( men & women)
  • Fine Jewelry Gift ( for yourself or a special loved one)
  • Redesigning heirloom jewelry

Purchasing diamonds wholesale requires a company or individual to be a certified jewelry with proper business licenses and certifications. Jewelry wholesalers like Jewelry Buyers Dallas have all the qualifications to be recognized and respected as qualified wholesale jewelers in Dallas. We are A+ BBB Accredited Business.


Custom Jewelry – Dallas

If you’re looking to create any custom diamond jewelry and want to save money while doing so, then purchasing a loose wholesale diamond is a great option for you. Loose diamonds give you the flexibility to create a one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry piece. Jewelry Buyers Dallas is exposed to a large selection of conflict-free loose diamonds and are able to create custom jewelry and custom engagement rings at great prices based on your desires. Since we purchase directly from the source, we are able to offer you excellent prices for a loose diamond. Many retailers offer limited custom diamond jewelry and not to mention significantly mark up prices for custom jewelry. If you’re looking for a custom engagement ring in Dallas TX, be sure to contact Jewelry Buyers Dallas for more information.

Diamond Buying Guide – Helpful advice on shopping for a diamonds.

Remember, there are ways to get your dream diamond jewelry at a fraction of the cost!
If you’re interested in purchasing a loose diamond at a wholesale price please contact us with your inquiries.

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